Secrets Behind The Scene: World Hijab Day 2024

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Do you know?

Why do many Muslim women wear the hijab or head scarf also known as poncho? Do you need some inspiration to wear the hijab full time? Or do you need ideas to motivate someone to wear the hijab? 

World Hijab Day 2024 

To commemorate World Hijab Day 2024 on February 1st, we released a new episode on the ASK Trio About Wellness podcast entitled, World Hijab Day 2024. The topic on the significance of hijab for Muslim women was discussed effectively with a book discussion on Hijab: Everyday Stories of Muslim Women from Singapore and Beyond” edited and published by Hidayah Amin of Helang Books, Singapore. 

ASK Trio About Wellness Cover Art with Hijab: Everyday Stories of Muslim Women from Singapore and Beyond and by Hidayah Amin of Helang Books, Singapore and Malaysian Nadia Rose Noordin
   World Hijab Day 2024 (Ep. 54)

Fun facts

The world of podcasting is often fun and exciting! Any secrets behind the scenes? Of course! Here are some fun facts we discovered about our special guests, Hidayah Amin, editor/publisher of Helang Books (Singapore) and Malaysian university lecturer, Nadia Rose Noordin:

Hidayah Amin can be truly amusing and hilarious! As she was sharing some fun facts about herself, we found her somewhat different from her “serious and no nonsense” public persona. From her previous appearance on the show to her most recent appearance, what we love most is her laughter! Absolutely genuine and contagious!

For one of the 23 writers of the book,Hijab: Everyday Stories of Muslim Women from Singapore and Beyond”, Nadia Rose Noordin, this episode was her first special guest appearance on the show. She exudes a friendly, relaxed and composed demeanor. What do we love most about Nadia? Her passion and crazy obsession for traditional Malay batik dress! She has more than a month’s supply to wear a different batik outfit each day of the month. She doesn’t need to repeat any outfit every month. Wow!

While Team ASKtrioWello was recording and later editing this episode, our celebrity kitty, ParkerDin, did a spot check on us at our mini studio. Suddenly….kaboom! Hey, any guesses as to what did you think happen? The loud noise that ensued was because ParkerDin had knocked down our soundproofing board! Oh Kitty! Luckily, it wasn’t damaged and most importantly, ParkerDin did not knock down the microphones or else…. Phew! What a relief!

Who knocked down the soundproofing board? Hint: Meow!

These behind the scene happenings are the real secret sauce that keeps us going in our podcasting journey! 

To listen to this episode, click on the link below:

Happy listening!

Syazana B. M. Sani (M.S.)
for Team ASKtrioWello

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Podcast Guests

Hidayah Amin

Editor-Publisher, Helang Books, Singapore
Instagram @HidayahAmin | @HelangBooks
Facebook @HidayahAmin | @HelangBooks

Nadia Rose Noordin

Writer, Hijab: Everyday Stories of Muslim Women in Singapore and Beyond and
University Lecturer, Malaysia
Instagram @nroselilyana

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Hello 2024!

‘Tis Good It's 2024!

Welcoming a brand, new year is often exciting! 


What's new with Team ASKtrioWello? First and foremost, our gratitude goes to Almighty Allah S.W.T. not just because He granted us this life and blessed us to meet 2024 but also He granted us the golden opportunity to welcome the blessed months of Rejab, Syaaban and Ramadan. These are all sacred months in the Hijri or Islamic calendar and are significant to Muslims around the world including us here.

Alhamdulillah (praise and thanks to Almighty Allah SWT), we celebrate ASKtrioWello's 3rd year anniversary since its inception on January 4th, 2021with some great news. Here’s an insight into what's been brewing behind the scenes ...

New Blog |

We love to share happenings in our life from behind the scenes to everything in between ASKtrioWello and ASK Trio About Wellness podcast on our newly launched Blog. Discover some fun, funny or crazy adventures as well as serious projects such as summary or highlights of recent scientific or Islamic research, book reviews, reviews of products/services. We hope to bring on some joy and laughter to cheer up your day or help you make well informed buying decisions. 

Online Boutique |
Our second attempt to embark on a new experience in e-commerce is finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. We are planning to launch Boutique-a-Wello in end January 2024, God willing!

With many Print-On-Demand companies that also handle fulfillments, we are inspired to continue making baby steps into the e-commerce industry to offer you our uniquely designed merchandise through partnership with such companies.  Check out our range of curated apparel and accessories from infant/kids clothing and men's/women's fashion to pet supplies showcasing designs by the ASKtrioWello family including those contributed by our amazing volunteers from our network of extended families and friends. Show us some love and support our mission of promoting productivity and wellness for you and your families!

Online Marketplace |

We are also making baby steps to enter the online marketplace this year. Our favorite is Australian-based company, Redbubble. Come visit our storefront and shop to support creatives, multicultural families and special needs communities!

New Pod site for ASK Trio About Wellness Podcast |

Goodbye Podbean. Hello Acast! January 2024 also marked a new beginning for ASK Trio About Wellness podcast as we’ve just migrated from US-based podcast hosting platform, Podbean, to Acast, a popular podcast hosting platform based in Norway. Check out our new pod site and tune in to our new published episodes or listen to the good Ol episodes! 

Till the next blog post...have a blessed 2024!

Syazana B. Mohamed Sani 
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For Team ASKtrioWello

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Secrets Behind The Scene: World Hijab Day 2024

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